Driving Tips

If you are on holiday in Mallorca or Menorca and you want to visit the most beautiful coves you will have to move in a transport on wheels, either by motorcycle or by car you will need to know some things about the driving method in Mallorca and Menorca to be alert and drive in a responsable. Here we leave you some tips and data:

Highways (Mallorca):

First of all, remember that the Spaniards drive on the right and advance on the left.
You should know that in addition to an island of short distances, Mallorca is a very well connected island, with different highways, something that facilitates the mobilization.
The entrance and exit accesses of the highway are often the same, so while some are trying to leave, others are trying to move on. Be careful!
Remember that the motorways of Mallorca have a speed limit of 120 km / hour and a minimum of 60 km / hour.

Cyclists on the road (Mallorca and Menorca):

Take for granted that during the road you will meet with cyclists on the road. Due to the size of the roads on the islands, it may sometimes take a while to overtake them. The secret: patience and respect.

Mandatory on all passengers. Not only in the driver. Children should always carry a chair appropriate for their age.


If you rent a scooter remember that it is mandatory to use the helmet, also for short trips

For many changes that occur in the law of driving, there are some rules that will never change: if you drink do not drive, nor use the mobile phone.

Respect the speed limits. On the islands there are radars

If you are going to drive, remember to carry the corresponding documentation and license with you.
There are several cancellation options, either by card or by calling 060 throughout the Spanish territory in the branches of the post offices and in La Caixa. You can also do it from the website offered by the Virtual Headquarters of the Traffic Department.
The islands count on Postal Services and Provincial Traffic Headquarters to make the payment, having the number of your fine within 20 calendar days, you have a discount of up to 50%. And, if you prefer, you can go to the City Council in case of infractions in urban areas.
Do not get surprised:

If the road is so narrow you have to stop to let the other one go by. Do not worry, you’re always going to get out of there.
If all the time on the road you are seeing wonderful landscapes or suddenly, you see a beautiful sunset from the highway. You will have time to see it, but for now, you must be aware of the traffic.
If you have to park in the outskirts of a town and walk to access the center. In fact, it is advisable to avoid stress.
Essential conditions to rent:

Do not forget that to be able to rent a car you have to turn 21 and also that your card has been at least two years old.
Regarding your driving license should always be in force and if you come from EU States this will be an important requirement, although if you are a foreigner from other countries you will need international permits.
If you are interested in knowing the state of the motorways at all times in Mallorca, you have this information updated on the website of the General Directorate of Traffic and radio stations are a good alternative with their newsletters.