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This document regulates the General Booking Conditions (hereinafter, “General Conditions”) of any vehicle available on the(hereinafter, “the Website”), owned by +++++++. with its registered office at Mahón Menorca (Spain), registered in the Mercantile Registry of Menorca, in volume

The user of the service (hereinafter, “User”) is solely responsible for reading these General Conditions as a step prior to making any reservation. The User is exposed to the present General Conditions through the Website, so that he / she can read, print, file and accept them, the User can not complete the reservation of the vehicle without such consultation and acceptance having taken place. The User will always have these General Conditions in a visible and freely accessible website.

The acceptance of these General Conditions implies that the User:

You have read, understood and accepted these General Conditions.
Have the minimum age required (see section 11.1), with full capacity to hire and with a minimum age of 3-year driving license at the time of booking.
If you do not accept any part of the General Conditions, you should not continue with the reservation process.


In no case Aesponsible for:

Errors or delays in access by the User at the time of entering their data in the reservation form; Any anomaly that may arise when the inability to complete the reservation is due to problems in the Internet, causes of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure and any other unpredictable contingency beyond the good faith of any case, ……..is committed to solve any problems that may arise and offer all the necessary support to the User to reach a quick and satisfactory solution of the incident.
The errors or damages produced by an inefficient or bad faith use of the services by the User.

2.1 These General Conditions are subject to the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws; Law 7/1998, of April 13, on General Contract Conditions; to Royal Decree 1906/1999, of December 17, 1999, by which the Telephone or Electronic Contracting is regulated with general conditions; Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data; Law 7/1996, of January 15 of Retail Trade Regulation and Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

2.2 s reserves the right to modify these General Conditions at any time, without prior notice to the User, who, in any case, is solely responsible for reviewing them as a prerequisite and indispensable to the rental of vehicles available through of this web page or its simple access. In any case, the General Conditions that were exposed on the web at the time the User rented the vehicle will be considered valid and applicable.


To complete the vehicle reservation service, the User will be required to:

Select the reservation data (place, time and dates of collection and return of the vehicle).
Select the category of the vehicle to be reserved. In no case is a vehicle color, make or model reserved, but a category.
Press reserve.
Introduction of personal data.
Acceptance of the present Legal Conditions of the Website, Privacy Policy and Booking Conditions.
Press continue..
Introduction of credit or debit card data.
Confirmation screen and payment of the reservation.
Reception in your email of a message (reservation voucher) with the identifying details of your reservation.
The successful completion of the reservation process does not constitute a Vehicle Rental Agreement, which must be signed by the Driver upon arrival at the vehicle pick-up location to be formalized.

There will only be a legally binding reservation when the User has entered the actual data necessary on the Website and confirmed the reservation by clicking on the “Confirm and pay” button. The User acknowledges that he understands that by clicking on the “Confirm and Pay” button mentioned, he is authorizing o make the reservation and charge the amount to his credit card in the manner indicated on the website. It is not possible to make a reservation less 24h before the date when the User will rent the vehicle.

Once the User has clicked on the “Confirm and pay” button as previously indicated, he must Print the electronic confirmation that shows the details of the Reservation. This confirmation forms the basis of the contract for the rental of the vehicle.

The User acknowledges that it is his responsibility to print and check the confirmation of his reservation and to make sure that all the data and details of it are correct.

reserves the right not to deliver the vehicle to the customer or deny the signing of the rental contract to persons:

Under 21 (depending on the category of the vehicle) at the time of completing the reservation. See Table of Groups in section 11.1
That they do not have a valid driving license in the European Community that is older than 3 years.
That at the time of collection of the vehicle are in a state that could pose a danger while driving for themselves or for others.
That they can not satisfy the conditions of payment, bonds, guarantees or deposit required.
4. TARI…
Reduction of Franchise: The vehicles of the groups DA, E2, E3, E4, that do not admit the hiring of a cover to all risk without franchise (FDW), have the option to reduce the franchise up to 50% of its value with the hiring of this type of insurance (CR).

11.1.1 Users who do not take any optional coverage (Low Cost) are required to leave a deposit / deposit by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) for the value of the Franchise.

11.1.2 The franchise established in point 11.1, is the maximum amount, borne by the User for damages and / or losses caused to the vehicle, which is not covered by the CDW or TP (11.3).

The CDW does not cover in any case the damages caused to the underbody, tires and tires of the vehicle, when they occur as a result of driving it overloaded or driving through places such as beaches, inappropriate roads, forest roads, without asphalt etc .; those produced by blows against stones or any other object and potholes found on the road; those produced on rims and tires by bumps against curbs due to parking maneuvers and those produced by reckless driving or any other that derive from the bad faith of the user.
The coverage of the CDW and the TP are not applicable in the case of non-compliance by the User of any of the conditions contained in the clause of use of the vehicle of these General Conditions.
Coverage of the CDW and TP are not applicable in the event that the cost of repairing the damage or partial theft is less than or equal to the franchise established in the General Tariff Valid for each category, in which case said cost, up to the limit of the franchise, will always be in charge of the User.
Coverage of CDW and TP are not applicable if the User does not deliver to  the corresponding document (report and / or Accident Party) duly completed within a maximum period of forty-eight (48) hours (except in cases of force majeure), from the date on which the incident occurred.
When, in accordance with the stipulations of these General Conditions, the CDW and TP exemptions do not apply, the User will be responsible for the payment of all repairs made to the vehicle, as well as compensation for the immobilization of the vehicle. same.
The rental rates cover the losses and damages of the vehicle in case of spontaneous fire of the same, when it does not take place as a result of accident of circulation or total or partial robbery of the same or acts of vandalism or driving without respecting the specifications of use of the type of vehicle, in which case the provisions of the article that establishes the payments will apply.
11.2 PAI (Personal Accident Insurance). The PAI is a personal injury and health insurance that covers medical expenses incurred in the event of an accident and guarantees compensation for death or permanent disability. Does not include theft of personal items.

11.3 TP (Theft Insurance)

The TP is an optional service provided directly by that exempts the User, through their hiring, from economic responsibility only for total or partial theft of the vehicle.
Theft by partial means the removal of any of the elements or components, documents, parts, tools and original accessories of the vehicle, as well as any additional accessory that the User had requested to Menorca Rental Cars.
The non-contracting of the TP implies the economic responsibility of the User for the damages and / or losses due to total or partial theft of the vehicle and the compensation for immobilization of the same.
The TP is only applicable if the User delivers to  the keys of the Vehicle (the set that was delivered to him at the moment of formalizing the rental contract) without any manipulation and the original of the report of the incident presented to the corresponding authorities. .
11.4 CAR (Road Assistance). This coverage covers the replacement of the damaged vehicle and the assistance on the road by crane. This coverage will not be applied if the mishap was a consequence of the User’s negligent behavior, accident or paralysis of the vehicle due to crimes or infractions carried out with it.


12.1. FDW (All risk insurance without franchise or SCDW): By contracting this additional insurance, the User eliminates the entire franchise, excluding the damages caused to the vehicle’s tires and tires. In case of contracting this coverage, a deposit will be blocked as a guarantee of return of the vehicle on the date, place and time agreed in the contract and with the same fuel level. This deposit will vary between € 100 and € 350 depending on the category of the vehicle and can be deposited in a credit / debit card or cash.

12.2. SRC (Safe wheels and crystals): By contracting this insurance, the User is covered for possible faults and / or breaks in windows and tires, provided that they are not due to negligent acts of the User, in which case this coverage will leave to have validity Do not include damages caused to the vehicle’s underbody and tires.

12.3. SLL (Safe Key Break): By contracting this insurance the user is covered in case of accidental breakage of the key.

12.4. RC (Franchise Reduction): The vehicles of groups DA, E2, E3, E4 that do not admit the hiring of a full coverage without excess (FDW), have the option of reducing the franchise up to 50% of their value with the hiring of this type of insurance (RC).

12.5. General exclusions of coverage and their corresponding surcharges:

All the detailed coverages do not include the following services related to damage to the Vehicle, in relation to:

Structural elements; low; the ceiling; rear view mirrors; interior and exterior equipment.

None of the modalities of the covers will cover the damages produced in the insured Vehicle as a consequence of:

Negligence on the part of the Renter, abandonment, accident or paralysis of the Vehicle due to crimes or infractions carried out with it and any other activity established in points 10 to 13. These damages and the related services will be for the account of the Renter.

The coverage in no case covers the personal effects left, stored or transported in the vehicle. So DO NOT LEAVE ANY OBJECT IN THE VEHICLE AND ALWAYS ENSURE THAT IT IS CLOSED WITH KEY.


13.1. Mechanical wear due to the normal use of the vehicle is assumed by

13.2. The User must check periodically, and replace if necessary, the levels and fluids of the engine every 1,000 (one thousand) kilometers traveled. The amount of the replacement of liquids will be borne by Asentation of the corresponding invoice.

13.3. The User is not authorized to order repairs on the vehicle without the express and / or written authorization of


14.1. If the reservation is canceled with a minimum of 96 hours before delivery, the amount paid will be refunded, applying an administrative charge for cancellation of reservation of € 25.00.

14.2. If the reservation is canceled less than 96 hours before the delivery, the amount paid in the reservation will not be reimbursed, except for reasons of force majeure (natural catastrophe, wars, attacks, death or serious illness of the User, his parents, brothers or children) reliably accredited at the following a

14.3. The amount paid for the rental will not be paid / refunded due to modifications.

14.4. The amount paid for extras or accessories contracted or modified will not be paid / returned.


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The User has the right to receive a copy in Spanish of these General Conditions and this will be stated in the versions of the same written in other languages, informing you in our facilities of the languages ​​available at that time. In case of discrepancies, the dirimente version will be the one written in Spanish.


17.1 These General Conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Spain.